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Techsplosion is a hands-on STEM enrichment program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2010, our passionate instructors have served thousands of campers at over 75 bay area locations. We offer summer camps, as well as weekend workshops, birthday parties, and holiday day camps. Our most popular programs include CraftCamp, our Minecraft summer camp; Robot Academy, a LEGO robotics summer camp; Mission Control, a near-space photography summer camp, and Pixel Players, a video game design summer camp.

What puts Techsplosion ahead of the game?

  • Awesome projects! What other camp has you sending a weather balloon to the edge of space by the end of a week long camp? Where else can you learn everything you need to engineer and program an autonomous fighting sumo robot out of LEGO? Every Techsplosion program is developed with kids in mind.
  • Science! Ask your kids what they learned in school today and there response will inevitably be somewhere between “Nothing.” and “I hate school.” Ask what they learned at Techsplosion today, and be prepared to hear “I learned how to use an ultrasonic sensor!” Kids have such a great time with Techsplosion that they don’t even realize they’re gaining useful knowledge! We call it “Stealth Learning” 😉
  • Hands-On! No- seriously. A lot of schools and camps think “hands-on” means “hands-on a textbook”. At Techsplosion, every project involves creative problem solving, and creating something tangible- whether it be a robot, a rocket, or a video game!
  • Inquiry-Based Learning! If your lecture involves giving the answer to your students, they aren’t learning! We utilize inquiry-based learning, which means asking questions instead of giving answers. When campers discover the answers for themselves, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic- instead of just memorizing.
  • Small classes! Our average instructor : camper ratio is 1:8. This means more individualized attention so students who need extra time get it, and students who excel can keep right on trucking!


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Email: camp@nulltechsplosion.org
Phone: 415.223.4312

PO Box 150603
San Rafael, CA 94915

Legal Name: Techsplosion Inc.
Tax ID/EIN: 81-1850815


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