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Ages 5-7 – Techsplosion’s CraftCamp: Junior Minecrafters!

Come explore the world of Minecraft with us! Junior Minecrafters will have tons of fun as they learn the basics of the world famous game. We’ll learn about the different game modes, how to craft some crazy contraptions, and even build an awesome house together! In between sessions of computer time*, we’ll do other fun Minecraft stuff like papercraft, a Minecraft skit, outdoor games, and on Friday, a Minecraft potluck party! 

*Please note that there will be approximately 2 hours of computer play per day, balanced with non-electronic and physical activities.

What will they do at Junior Minecrafters?
  • Minecraft 101: Campers will learn the basics of the incredible world of Minecraft! We’ll learn together to play in creative mode and survival mode.*
  • Arts & Crafts: We’ll make paper replicas of in-game materials, then use them in a scavenger hunt of epic proportions!
  • Skits & Costumes: Bring your own materials or use ours to make awesome Minecraft themed costumes, then act out a skit on Friday!
  • Minecraft Potluck: On Friday, bring in your favorite Minecraft themed food! Jello blocks, diamond sword cookies, and more!

Ages 7-12 – Techsplosion’s CraftCamp: Minecraft Challenge!

Spawn into the curious world of Minecraft! Learn the fundamentals of video game design as you create epic worlds with the help of your fellow campers and command-line coding in WorldEdit, make awesome screencasts like your favorite YouTubers, and during free time, compete in Minecraft Hunger Games, Sky Wars, and more! This is the Minecraft summer camp you’ve been waiting for. 

What will they do at Minecraft Challenge?
  • Game Design & Command Line Coding: Campers will embrace ingenuity as they learn to use WorldEdit and our expert instruction to learn the basics of video game design and coding via command line. Campers will enter commands like //hsphere glass 50 to automatically generate large structures that would be infeasible to construct manually.
  • Screencasting: Who’s your favorite Minecraft Youtuber? Learn to make videos just like their’s, then after a check for anonymity (no first or last names or personal information), upload them to Youtube!
  • Survivor: Campers will divide into teams, then attempt to out-mine, out-wit, and out-survive their foes in a survivor style competition.
  • Teamwork: Throughout the camp, kids will have many opportunities to develop their teamwork skills- from designing maps together to sharing tips and tricks to playtesting each other’s games.

Ages 10-14** – Techsplosion’s CraftCamp:  Xtreme Minecraft!

It’s time to take your craft to the next level! We’ll learn the basics of coding mods using Java and Eclipse IDE, and dive deep into video production and game design concepts. We’ll focus on what makes great games, screencasts and mods great, and learn to use a variety of powerful tools to help make our ideas a reality. 

**All campers who attend Minecraft Challenge first are invited to attend Xtreme Minecraft, regardless of age

What will they do at Xtreme Minecraft?
  • Advanced Game Design: Campers will hone their skills with advanced world building techniques and by using tactics employed by professionals to make their games awesome.
  • Coding Mods: To truly customize their gameplay experience, campers will learn the basics of modding- manually adding and editing real Java code in Eclipse IDE to make the game behave differently.
  • Video Production: New campers will learn the fundamentals of video production, and returning campers will hone their skills with our expert guidance. In the process, campers will create Minecraft screencast videos that will be uploaded to Youtube after a check for anonymity (no first or last names or personal information).
  • Modpack Play: During free time, campers will have a variety of Modpacks they can choose from to play. Send us an email now to request your favorite modpack!
  • Leadership: Many activities- both structured and during free time- will be team oriented. Campers will be encouraged and guided to find their voice within the group.


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